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Omnia Sentit by Ben Wiles

Omnia Sentit by Ben Wiles

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The music tracks are all composed and performed by Ben Wiles, with other featured artists where  stated. This musical experience is designed to make you feel all sorts of different emotions - I invite you to close your eyes and picture a story as you listen to the music.  

This is ‘ALL THE FEELS’.

Tracks include:
1. Thumping Intro
2. Run Free
3. Clockwork Day
4. Summer Breeze
5. Chapter’s End
6. Fellowship of the Crash
7. For Peace...
8. Minor Canon
9. I am an Elder (piano) 
10. Turn the Page (feat. Violinist Ryan Freres, vocalists Matthew & Esther Daniels) 
11. Winter: Wind
12. Ninja Duel
13. Lost at War
14. Thrashformers (based on themes by Ben Wiles, arranger by FC)
15. Ninja Guitar Duel
16. Pirates of the Caribbean Improv
17. Thrashformers (Trance Remix)
18. Winter: Snow
19. Time With You 
20. The Fox Trots